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Being Connected
The use of technology in the classroom has become more and more relevant in the digital age. Education is no longer the dragged out process it used to be, technology has brought with it change to the classroom.
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The Long Road - A map to success
Every solution ever brought forward was born from a problem, but not every solution necessarily solved said problems or made it better.
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Rural Wifi - BLUETOWN - A Recap
FSJ Solutions in partnership with BLUETOWN has identified rural areas within South Africa that could benefit immensely from the BLUETOWN solution.
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Rural Wifi - BLUETOWN - E-Governance 
Businessjargons.com defines E Governance as the implementation of information technology in the government processes and functions so as to cause simple, moral, accountable and transparent governance.
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Global Sociability Index 2020 South Africa - The FSJ Solution
The latest Global Social Mobility Index for 2020 has just been released and ranks South Africa 69th out of 82 countries in terms of access to technology.
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