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Rural Wifi - BLUETOWN - A Recap

27.01.20 07:21 AM Comment(s) By Johan

Rural Wifi - BLUETOWN - A Recap

FSJ Solutions in partnership with BLUETOWN has identified rural areas within South Africa that could benefit immensely from the BLUETOWN solution. Our focus as stated in previous posts will fall within South Africa. This is new territory for us - but we are no strangers to challenges, especially challenges that will empower countless individuals, schools, healthcare and government. By working together with a partner like BLUETOWN we believe that we can make a noticeable difference in connecting the unconnected and empowering communities by giving them access to information via a local intranet, and optional access to the internet.

If you would like more information on this, and how you can get involved simply contact us using the BLUETOWN solution page on our website.

Here is a quick recap of the solution:

1. BLUETOWN uses the latest in satelite technology to connect users. Connection takes place via a basecamp which is 100% reliant on solar technology and features a charging station, optional CCTV and lighting. The basecamp has a radius of 15km which can be connected to other camps in the area to broaden the coverage area.
2. Users who register will have immediate access to the local community based intranet which will provide information on healthcare, education and e-governance. Depending on location users will also be able to communicate with each other using the intranet, get access to local services like buy and sell, specials etc to name but a few. 
3. The registration process makes use of a unique KYC model which will aim to offer live registration and further offers access to other services once registered at a affordable price. Users can access this service using a smartphone, laptop or tablet - which especially the younger generation should have access to. 

For a further recap on BLUETOWN be sure to visit our blog, for posts you might have missed.

To view the video on BLUETOWN click here


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