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Document Generation,
​Digital Rights Management

Document generation: 

Assimilated Information Systems (AIS)can help your business to keep up with the rapidly changing and developing technology trends. Our extensive portfolio of solutions, including DocFusion, Insight and DocTrax, has been designed to help you address the challenges related to advanced document generation and management, digital signatures, data processing and entry, and workflow as well as all relevant areas of compliance. AIS offers Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) or on-premises solutions. Our leading Document Generation solution DocFusion® can help you manage the ever-increasing volume of documents and data that your business needs to handle on a daily basis. As the name implies, DocFusion®combines key elements of modern document generation and management, including digital signatures, dynamic barcodes and workflow. The DocFusion®solution features safe, secure, high quality and consistent dynamic document generation capability with vital benefits for organization including:9 Highly customizable templates with complexity level driven by your requirements9Multiple templates can be used and combined, and each template can source information or draw on information sent from the point of call9Your resulting documents are entirely dynamic with the numbering and references updating automatically as paragraphs are included, appended or omitted9You can use any number of templates with each drawing its own information from the back-end store9DocFusion’s post-processing ability allows your organization to produce documents in multiple formats and distribute them through numerous channels according to your requirements for optimum TECHNICAL BRILLIANCE document generation. Our MISSION is to help businesses develop organically. We believe in the immense power of technology solutions and the vital role of people as the lifeblood of an organization.

Secure, Digital Signing.



Digital Certificates

SigniFlow Digital Certificate

indicators.SigniFlow digital signatures are created using digital X.509 certificates with built-in Private/Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) capabilities, which are verifiable using free Adobe Acrobat© visual-trust indicators.

Long Term Validation


Although most certificates are only valid for one year, you need to prove that the certificate was valid at the time of signing. SigniFlow digital signatures authenticate validity and revocation status for 10+ years.

Tamper- Evident


As every user signs, SigniFlow applies the latest security protocols, cryptographic algorithms and key lengths endorsed by governments and banks, to protect the content of the document and make every transaction tamper-evident.

Digital Rights Management

Fasoo Enterprise DRM

Fasoo Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the most advanced and robust file-based security solution, that allows organizations to protect, control and trace sensitive documents which contain intellectual property, trade secrets and personally identifiable information. With the solution, organizations can safely share confidential documents internally and externally, providing their business with a secure environment without any concern about unintended information loss.

Secure your data anywhere it travels

Track, Control, or Revoke Access

Seamless, Transparent Experience


Protect files beyond the boundary of content repositories

Fasoo DRM persistently protects documents downloaded from Information Systems.

Secure files created and used on endpoints.

Fasoo DRM lets you secure sensitive files saved on your PC.

Enforcing the policy of protected documents to its derivative files.

Controlling access (e.g., view, edit, print, capture, decrypt) of protected documents dynamically based on the user, group or document policy at all times.

Share your files with external users

Fasoo DRM lets you share your sensitive files securely through email, FTP, USB flash drives, the cloud and more...

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