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Content analytics helps organisations to derive new business understanding and visibility from the content and context of unstructured information. Enterprise search helps organisations to make content from multiple structured and unstructured sources searchable by enterprise users.

IBM® Watson Content Analytics (Watson Content Analytics) combines the strengths of these two technologies. Through a provided content mining interface, business analysts can interactively explore data from different facets and discover relationships between various facet values. Through an interface designed for search, enterprise users can query the index to find and retrieve relevant documents from a ranked list of results.

Content analytics

Across a wide range of industries, content analytics can help tackle various information challenges, such as the need to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction through high-volume analysis of customer satisfaction comments and feedback.

  • Gain better visibility into the marketplace through automated news, survey, and brand analysis

  • Better anticipate customer needs by identifying trends in unstructured customer communications.

  • Optimise document-intensive processes through intelligent classification and routing of content items.

    • Get ahead of product quality problems through complaint, warranty, repair, and support ticket analysis.

    • Reduce fraud by intelligently parsing forms, documents, and communications.

    • Enhance research and investigations through combined data and content analytics.

    • IBM content analytics tools allow you to pose questions that fall outside the scope of standard data-driven business intelligence, and help you to identify new topics, areas, and questions that deserve further investigation.