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21.01.20 07:29 AM Comment(s) By Johan

Global Sociability Index 2020 South Africa vs Rural Intranet Services

The latest Global Social Mobility Index for 2020 has just been released and ranks South Africa 69th out of 82 countries in terms of access to technology. This report, from the World Economic Forum WEF will be discussed at a gathering in Danos, Switzerland in this coming week.


The new index by the WEF benchmarks 82 global economies, measuring key pillars of social mobility, such as health, education access, technology access, fair wages, work and resilience and institutions, to determine its assessment of the 82 economies.


Under the technology access banner, the index assesses and ranks six areas: Internet users, fixed-broadband internet subscriptions, population covered by at least a 3G network, rural population with electricity access and internet access in schools.


Access to the internet was highest in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Mpumalanga, with the lowest percentages in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.


Source: https://www.itweb.co.za/content/LPp6VMr4YBrvDKQz



Access to the Internet in schools remains a problem. South Africa is placed 66 out of 82 with most schools still not having access to basic internet. Access in terms of social mobility however does not stop with schools. Many efforts has been made by government to connect all schools, health facilities, government offices, Thusong Centres and post offices, in eight rural district municipalities, to broadband services. This project however has been plagued by many delays.


What if there was a different way to connect the unconnected. What if, in our own way we could provide access to information to all rural areas using the latest in satellite technology. FSJ Solutions wants to do just that. We believe by working with the correct people and investors, we can help to bring access to the internet to more people.


Our approach is unique in that we do not only offer access to the web but also provide access to a local source of information and services using a local intranet service. With this service, government, healthcare professionals and educators can have access to a world of information without accessing the internet at all. Instead of just offering a broadband connection or a means to the internet, Rural Intranet Services opens up a world of possibilities in terms of educating, informing and skills development.


Rural Intranet services will go a long way in addressing key issues listed in the Global Social Mobility Index for 2020. With a strong focus on empowerment, community building and skill sharing and development South Africa may soon find them at the forefront of this index.


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