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Analysis, Classification, Decomposition


  • Accelerate business processes, enhance efficiency and help reduce costs by implementing intelligent data capture as part of an integrated digital business automation (DBA) platform

  • Capture more actionable insights by understanding, categorizing and analyzing a broad range of documents

  • Protect information and comply with regulations by detecting and redacting sensitive data automatically

  • Improve decision-making and gain a competitive advantage by generating new insights from unstructured data

Increase agility with flexible deployment options• Leverage capture as part of a comprehensive DBA strategy to help scale operations, improve the customer experience and revenue per employee, and enhance quality of work.

Understand your documents 

Datacap Insight Edition helps automate the processing of unstructured documents by performing multiple levels of analysis. First, it examines the structure and layout of each document to recognize the document type—it can distinguish an invoice from a letter, and a contract from an expense claim.


Datacap Insight Edition cognitive capture capabilities can help streamline a wide range of workflows, such as providing an insurance renewal quote. Datacap Insight Edition can then connect to IBM Watson®technologies to apply reasoning, logic and context-sensitive analysis to identify, extract and classify information.

  • IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding helps identify entities and contextual relationships in extracted texts as they relate to a specific industry. Datacap Insight Edition populates field data using results obtained from Watson Natural Language Understanding.

  • IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier expands Datacap classification capabilities, identifying the type of documents and classifying paragraphs and phrases. 

  • IBM Watson Visual Recognition enables recognition and understanding of images using deep machine learning algorithms. Organizations can identify a wide array of incoming images and document types, from a photo of a damaged car to pages of loan applications 


Text analytics can also extract nuanced information such as sentiment scores. Sentiment analysis provides information about the tone of the document such as positive, negative and neutral, which in turn offers additional context. Using a traditional capture approach, this sort of information would be lost without a human review. With a cognitive capture solution, however, it becomes part of the information available for use in determining the next best course of action.The value of Datacap Insight Edition extends to the millions of business documents you may be storing in content repositories. Each document might contain valuable, difficult-to-access information. Datacap Insight Edition can process these stored documents to extract information, augment index information, convert old files to newer searchable formats and provide data to analytics engines. The result: new insight from old data to improve efficiency, employee productivity and business agility.


Comply and protect 

Datacap Insight Edition also helps reduce compliance risks—a top reason why many organizations currently invest in enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.2 To comply with strict regulations, organizations must implement end-to-end security practices, follow retention and disposal policies, and help ensure that sensitive information remains tightly secured. Some organizations might be subject to fines and lawsuits if they fail to adequately secure documents that contain sensitive or personal information, such as government ID numbers or credit card numbers. Datacap Insight Edition can automatically identify such private and sensitive information using text analytics and protect it with redaction to aid in compliance with industry regulations. When a document is stored in IBM Content Foundation, Datacap Insight Edition registers each piece of sensitive information with a redaction reason. When a user retrieves the document, redactions are “burned in” according to the user’s role; users see only the information they need to see. Content Foundation stores only a single copy of the document, so fewer copies of documents with sensitive information are circulated within the organization. By automating redaction instead of leaving the task to individuals, Datacap Insight Edition further increases data security and helps reduce compliance risks.


Act and deliver 

Datacap Insight Edition can help you generate better insights and act on them faster than before. By automating document processing for complex unstructured documents, Datacap Insight Edition enables rapid, accurate, straight-through processing of more documents. Providing fast access to a rich collection of information enables you to produce accurate, reliable insights at the speed of business. Datacap Insight Edition can also help you accelerate a variety of vital business processes such as claims and correspondence processing, employee on-boarding and card applications. By combining Datacap Insight Edition with robotic process automation (RPA), you can streamline tasks while reducing the time, risks and costs associated with manual labor. Once you’ve identified, extracted and classified information with Datacap, you can use RPA software to enter data into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, make address changes, validate credentials or carry out other repetitive or labor-intensive tasks. You can also apply rules to determine whether a document and its data should be stored in a content repository, passed to a case management system to initiate or add to a case, or sent to another line-of-business system. By automating delivery of data to people and systems, Datacap with RPA can help drive digital transformation across the entire enterprise. It can record and automate repetitive human tasks to streamline mundane work, eliminate copy-and-paste and data entry errors, and free up employees to do higher-value work.

Cognitive capture can address industry-specific needs 


Financial services Retail banks can improve decision-making and customer service by using cognitive capture to quickly and accurately process documents such as trade settlements, loan packages, account closing letters and change notifications. Commercial banks can increase productivity and precision by eliminating cumbersome paper processes and enabling automated validations that assist with sanction-checking in the documentary trade process.



Cognitive capture enables healthcare providers to correlate content from multiple sources so they can accurately process patient admitting, monitor drug interaction information and summarize content from caregiver notes and images to facilitate efficient care collaboration.



To help accelerate claims, underwriting and key decision-making processes, cognitive capture allows insurance companies to analyze content arriving from many sources and in unstructured formats such as dispute letters, claims, images, statements and accident reports. 


Government Agencies can use cognitive capture to efficiently process a large volume and variety of incoming documents and support fast and exact processing of citizen on-boarding, benefit enrolments, Freedom of Information Act requests and contracting.


Cross-industry examples

• Human resources: Cognitive capture can help administrators quickly process unstructured documents for hiring, employee benefits enrolment and employee services.

• Finance: Finance teams can augment risk management decision-making; help ensure compliance with anti–money laundering and other regulations; and improve the speed and accuracy of processing contracts.

• Transportation: Cognitive capture helps transportation groups rapidly and correctly extract data from shipping documents to authorise shipments based on the destination, recipient and contents.

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