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Zafepass Prevent & Protect - NIST / Data science 8Vs / CIS 18 controls, MITRE ATT&CK / Kill-Chain
Cyber-frameworks come in many variations – the main ones are NIST CSF, CIS, ISO, COBIT (ISACA), PCI, FedRAMP, CMMC – each with their own twist and how Zafepass maps in.
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One Tool and Zero Trust
A Holistic Unified ‘Zero-Trust Platform’ • The Solution to Hundreds of Use-cases • Will Increase Operational Resilience & Agility • Turn Cyber-criminal Activity to Unsuccessful • Improve Employee Efficiency & Productivity
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Conformio was created by the top ISO experts in the world to help you simplify your ISO 27001 compliance effort.
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What is Prevent & Protect? Gard-Railed and Micro Perimeter-based Security?
Leveraging guard-railed and micro-perimeter security principles in order to establish the strongest security posture available and able to easily adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape.
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Managing Cyber Risk Across the Extended Vendor Ecosystem

Read study in more detail by following the link below. It applies to all industries, e.g. Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Defense, Financial and Business Services

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