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Rural Wifi - A Solution

13.01.20 07:11 AM Comment(s) By Johan

Imagine for a second:

Imagine for a moment how connected you are to those around you. Picture your cellphone, your tablet or laptop. See your social accounts, your searches and your browser history.

Did you picture it? Good!

Now imagine a world without all that. Picture yourself living in a place so rural that access to any form of internet or information is impossible. It would be terrible not being able to have access to crucial information when needed, or having to talk to a relative or friend using your fixed line telephone - if it is working.

FSJ Solutions wants to change that.

Sadly many rural areas still sit without the basic means or methods to have access to information and the internet. Many of these areas don’t offer electricity as houses are often scattered and not numbered in a street or complex, like it is in suburban areas.

By using the latest in technology FSJ Solutions is able to connect the unconnected using a satellite connection which operates from a single base camp. This basecamp offers a charging station, powered by 100% solar energy and offers a local intranet and optional access to the internet to all in the covered area. The main base camp is usually linked to other mini base camps to further extend the net that these satellites offer, or if required can feature multiple main base camps which are fenced off with the option to add CCTV and even a streetlight improving safety and security.

The intranet offers locals a way to communicate with each other and also features information and services related to Governance, Health and Education. By using these free services locals can get access to information that would have otherwise not been accessible.

For the first time locals will also be able to get tips on farming, local market values when selling produce, and critical medical tips and information to name but a few. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine for a second a world like that and imagine all the possibilities. FSJ Solutions is right there with you.

To find out more information on Rural WiFi and how you can make a difference, click here to get involved. 

You can also view the video on Rural WiFi and Bluetown here


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